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Find the Best Home Security Systems in Billings, MT

The property crime rate in Billings is much higher than across Montana and the rest of the U.S. Installing a home security system is a smart way to protect against break-ins. The Billings Gazette has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide by comparing reviews, monitoring options, equipment features and local availability of more than 25 businesses and choosing eight favorites from the top home security companies in Billings.

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What Billings residents should look for in a home security system

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Finding the right home security system for you ultimately comes down to the level of protection you want. Montana residents who want to remotely monitor their property should look for systems with a good mobile app. Some of the best security systems also let you lock and unlock your home when you’re not there, set a lighting schedule while you’re on vacation and view video footage remotely. Additional popular equipment and features in Billings include:

  • Wireless security cameras: Wireless security cameras can transmit video and audio footage over a Wi-Fi network so you can monitor your home from a phone, tablet, computer or television.
  • Alarm monitoring: Alarm monitoring uses motion detectors as well as window and door sensors to protect your home. When the system triggers, it sends a signal to a monitoring station that contacts you or local authorities if you are unreachable.
  • Remote alarm control: With remote alarm control, you can arm and disarm your security system remotely when you can’t access the control panel.

Average cost of home security systems in Billings

A home security system in Billings with monitoring costs between $15 and $40 per month. If you rent your equipment, your monthly fee could be $20 to $50 higher. If you plan on buying your equipment, factor an additional $100 to $500 into your startup costs.

Altogether, it costs about $600 to get a home security system up and running, which includes professional installation. You save money by installing hardware yourself if you go with a wireless system. However, some home security companies in Billings only offer professional alarm installation.

What are the chances of your house being robbed in Billings?

Billings has one of the highest crime rates in the country compared with other cities of its size, according to NeighborhoodScout. The property crime rate is about double the state average. In 2019, the Billings Police Department recorded 402 residential burglaries, or an average of close to eight per week.

Billings, like all cities, has different crime rates by neighborhood. Crime is highest in the North Side, Highland and East Central areas. Still, crime happens everywhere, even in the safest neighborhoods. Having a home security system in Billings with 24/7 monitoring and motion detectors can reduce risk and help keep you safe from break-ins.

Crime rates per 1,000 residents

Burglaries Property Total crime
Billings 6.25 48.16 53.62
Montana 3.07 24.96 28.70
United States 3.76 22 23.79

Source: NeighborhoodScout, FBI

Billings home security FAQ

What is a home security system?

A standard home security system includes a control panel, motion sensors, window and door sensors and yard and window signs. If you want another layer of protection, look for features like home security cameras and 24/7 professional monitoring.

Do I need a burglar alarm permit in Billings?

No, Billings does not require you to get a permit for your security alarm system.

Can wireless cameras work without the internet?

Yes, a wireless camera works without an internet connection if it has cellular capabilities. You can also connect your wireless cameras to a monitor and livestream the footage.

Do police respond to home alarms in Billings?

Yes, the Billings Police Department responds to home security alarms if you are in danger or cannot be reached by a representative at your security company’s monitoring center. Last year, the BPD responded to more than 400 residential burglaries.

Where is the best place to put security cameras?

We recommend placing security cameras:

  • Outside your home, above or near any door
  • Outside your home, above off-street windows
  • Outside your home, above your driveway
  • Inside your home, monitoring off-street windows
  • Inside your home, monitoring your living room and master bedroom

Is a home security system necessary in Billings?

A home security system is necessary if you want to protect and monitor your home. Billings has high crime rates compared to other cities of the same size. Home security systems are especially popular with Montana residents who spend the winter somewhere warmer and want to keep an eye on their property.

Billings home security company information

Protect Your Home

Protect Your Home partners with ADT to provide professional monitoring services. Equipment options in Billings include indoor and outdoor cameras, home security panels, motion sensors, window and door sensors, glass break sensors, wireless keychain remotes and high-decibel alarm sirens. Protect Your Home is a national company with an office at 450 S. 20th St. W., Ste. T61, Billings, MT 59102.

Protect Your Home Learn More (844) 265-4882


Vivint provides home security systems that integrate with smart home automation equipment in Billings and across the nation. Popular equipment options in Billings include outdoor cameras, motion detectors, smoke detectors, door sensors and window sensors. Vivint installs the equipment and services all devices.

Vivint Learn More (833) 830-7970

Brinks Home Security

Brinks Home Security is a national company that offers monitored security systems throughout Montana. Customers can select packages that come with do-it-yourself installation, or the company provides free installation for wired systems. System hardware comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Brinks Home Security


ADT is a national home security company that provides alarm systems and monitoring services throughout Montana. Installation costs range from $99 to $199. Customers can select from 24- or 36-month contracts. The ADT Go app helps customers monitor their homes remotely. The company also offers a six-month money-back guarantee.

ADT Learn More (844) 600-7964

Billings Alarm, Audio & Automation

Billings Alarm, Audio & Automation provides residential security and local monitoring services. The company offers Billings residents a wide variety of Honeywell security products, including motion detectors, glass break sensors, doorbell cameras and high-definition surveillance cameras. The Total Connect app lets you remotely monitor and control your security system. Monitoring services start at $40 per month. Billings Alarm Company is located at 1728 Lampman Drive, Ste. F, Billings, MT 59102.

Billings Alarm, Audio & Automation

Kenco Security & Technology

Kenco Security & Technology installs new home security systems and services existing ones throughout the Billings community. The company carries products from more than 10 different alarm brands, including Bosch and 2GIG. Residential services include home security systems, smart home automation via mobile app, video surveillance and monitoring. Billings residents can get a free quote online or over the phone. Kenco Security & Technology is located at 3477 Mountain Pass Road, Billings, MT 59101.

Kenco Security & Technology


Comtech is a local security company providing burglar alarm systems, home security and monitoring services to Billings residents. Comtech’s home security systems include video camera surveillance and alarm monitoring. The company offers remote monitoring and home automation through the Alarm.com mobile app. All alarm monitoring is 24/7, with cellular, interactive and landline options. Free quotes are available through an online form. Comtech is located at 7535 Entryway Drive, Billings, MT 59101.


CK Tech + Security

CK Tech + Security specializes in custom residential security systems as well as smart home automation. Home security system packages through Alarm.com start at $399, and monitoring fees start at $35 per month. The company offers security options like audio and video surveillance, alarms and closed-circuit TV. CK Tech installs new home security systems and retrofits existing systems for Billings residents. All new equipment comes with a one-year warranty, and CK Tech offers a 90-day warranty on all its services. CK Tech + Security is located at 536 Sugar Ave., Ste. C, Billings, MT 59101.

CK Tech + Security