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Find the Best Hot Tubs in Billings, MT

In Billings, you can enjoy your hot tub all year or winterize it to prevent freezing during the colder months. The Billings Gazette has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide by comparing reviews, financing options, warranties and local availability of more than 25 businesses and choosing seven favorites from the top hot tub companies in Billings.

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What to look for when buying a hot tub in Billings

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Before shopping for a hot tub, decide what features and accessories are most important to you. For example, if you want a hot tub primarily to ease injuries and aching muscles, you should look for hydrotherapy jet configurations that target your neck, shoulders, back, legs and feet. Some of the most popular hot tub features and accessories in Billings include:

  • Hot tub steps: Getting in and out of your spa is easier with a set of sturdy hot tub steps. Purchase steps with storage to make the most of your outdoor space. You can also buy spa handrails that screw on or slide beneath the spa’s base for added safety.
  • Saltwater sanitation systems: A saltwater hot tub is less irritating to the skin, hair and eyes. However, these systems may corrode metal parts of the hot tub over time. Saltwater systems can be more expensive initially but save on the long-term cost of chemicals and maintenance.
  • Swim spa-hot tub combo: Swim spas let you swim in place and enjoy all the benefits and fun of a hot tub. Many come with built-in treadmills, row kits and other ways of exercising with limited space.
  • Ambiance upgrades: Hot tub features like Bluetooth speakers, LED lighting and waterfalls are most desirable to those who want their hot tub to serve as an oasis for relaxing with friends and family. Speakers can connect to most Bluetooth-compatible smart devices, and many spas have an app or remote control to adjust the hot tub LED lights or volume.

Average hot tub costs in Billings

The average cost of hot tubs in Billings ranges from $3,000 to $16,000, with the most common models falling around $7,000. A hot tub for swimming usually starts around $8,000, but more premium models can cost upward of $30,000.

The price of your spa increases if you add extra features like speakers, lighting, upgraded jets and custom colors. Some hot tub brands are more expensive, so shop around at local retailers before you commit to a particular line of spas. Hot tub retailers typically offer some form of financing through in-house or third-party programs.

Most spa retailers in Montana offer design, installation and maintenance services. If it’s not included in the price of your hot tub, professional hot tub installation costs an extra $100 to $400.

Billings hot tub FAQ

Do I need a permit for a hot tub in Billings?

A permit is not required to install a hot tub at a residence in Billings, but there are hot tub electrical codes your installer must follow. Depending on the type of hot tub you choose, the installation may also involve plumbing work or laying a foundation.

Can you put a hot tub on grass or gravel?

You can put your hot tub on a leveled gravel pad, but you shouldn’t install a hot tub on the grass. Exposure to moisture and insects causes wear and tear to the spa, and the heavy tub may sink and become unlevel on soft ground.

How often should you clean a hot tub?

You should check the water for cloudiness, discoloration or film on the surface every week. If you need to adjust the chemical levels, use test strips to ensure the water is balanced. Spa filters should be changed once per month, while salt cells in saltwater systems should be cleaned out every two to three months. Completely drain your tub at least every four to six months and refill it with clean, balanced water. Many hot tub owners use this opportunity to thoroughly wipe down the shell and jets and confirm no components have cracked or corroded.

How much does a hot tub cost to run?

Depending on your model and usage, it costs anywhere from $20 to $150 per month to run a hot tub in Billings. The ongoing costs of using a spa include electricity, water, chemicals, supplies and maintenance. Expect to pay the high end of that range if you hire a company to perform your maintenance and cleaning for you. You could also see an increase in your insurance premium with the installation of a spa.

How long do hot tubs last?

Hot tubs last anywhere from five to 20 years, depending on the quality of the brand and how well they’re maintained. To extend your spa's lifespan, install it in a level, dry area and be sure to follow a regular schedule of maintenance and water care.

When do hot tubs go on sale in Billings?

You can find a good deal on a hot tub at any time in Billings, but most spa retailers begin to clear out inventory in the fall to make room for the next year’s models. It never hurts to ask your local spa dealer if they have any planned discounts on floor models or upcoming closeout sales.

Should I buy a hot tub online?

Purchasing a hot tub online saves time and money, but you also run the risk of receiving one that doesn’t fit your needs. If you do purchase a hot tub online, ask the seller if they offer on-site or virtual consultations. This lets you talk through your needs with a spa expert and get an idea of how reputable and knowledgeable the company is.

Billings hot tub company information

Marquis Spas

Marquis Spas manufactures hot tubs and swim spas. Hot tub prices start around $3,895, and financing options are available through local dealers in Billings and throughout Montana. Popular features include standard full-cabinet foam insulation, customizable lighting, waterfall options and MicroSilk jet technology. MicroSilk jets create smaller bubbles that Marquis claims help energize skin cells and increase serotonin levels.

Marquis Spas

Cal Spas

Cal Spas offers options for customizable jet configurations, LED waterfalls and a variety of seating arrangements. Hot tub prices start at around $3,000, and financing options are available through local dealers in Billings and throughout Montana. All models include standard shell or full-cabinet foam insulation. The company provides a lifetime warranty on select components.

Cal Spas

Master Spas

Master Spas specializes in swim spas and portable hot tubs. Hot tub prices start at around $4,000, and financing is available through local dealers in Billings. All hot tubs come with standard water management systems and energy-efficient insulation. Master Spas provides a standard manufacturer’s warranty on all models.

Master Spas

Leisure Montana

Leisure Montana is a pool, spa and patio showroom based in Billings. It carries new and used Marquis spas and offers water care supplies. Select from hot tub models in a variety of colors and seat styles. Leisure Montana is located at 2499 Gabel Road, Ste. 4, Billings, MT 59102.

Leisure Montana

Montana Hot Spring Spas

Montana Hot Spring Spas sells hot tub models by Hot Spring, Caldera and Freeflow in a variety of styles and sizes. Its showroom is staffed with local hot tub experts. The company also sells saunas, swim spas, accessories and water care supplies. Montana Hot Springs Spas is located at 2217 Grand Ave., Billings, MT 59012.

Montana Hot Spring Spas

Thompson Pools

Thompson Pools offers virtual appointments and full-service setup services. Customers can select from a variety of Jacuzzi hot tub models with upgrades like Bluetooth stereos and premium shell materials. Financing is available through a local credit union. Thompson Pools is located at 1300 24th St., West Billings, MT 59102.

Thompson Pools

K2 Spas & Sports

K2 Spas & Sports has been a leading spa retailer in the local area for more than 25 years. At its Billings showroom, customers can shop MAAX Spas and California Cooperage Spas products as well as home entertainment products like games, game room furniture and outdoor fire pits. K2 has an award-winning service department and carries parts and supplies for select models of Coleman spas. K2 Spa & Sport is located at 501 Hansen Lane, Billings, MT 59105.

K2 Spas & Sports